6 Types of Web Content Your Site Needs

Selling your product or service online can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. To build an online audience of customers that trust and rely on you, you need to offer them valuable content, regardless of whether they make a purchase or not.

The following six types of web content are critical in building your online business and should all be incorporated into your website in some way if you want the most success possible with your e-commerce site or service.

Types Of Web Content You Should Have On Your Website

For any business, the foundation of your online presence should be high-quality web content that attracts visitors, educates them about your products and services, and persuades them to convert into paying customers. So, let’s explore six different types of web content every website needs to succeed.

1. Landing Pages

All successful marketing campaigns begin with a landing page. With these pages, you have complete control over design and content, so providing as much information about your product or service as you like is easy. You can also tailor landing pages for specific types of visitors or demographics. Landing pages are an inexpensive way to get your message in front of customers quickly, impacting the first time they visit your site.

And, if you think about it logically, their effectiveness should be high: when someone visits a landing page from an ad on Facebook, Twitter, or Google AdWords, that person is interested enough in what you’re offering to click through from those channels; therefore they must want what you’re selling!

2. Blog Posts/Articles

It’s hard to be successful in business if you don’t have something interesting to say. While you may think a website is all about your products and services, most customers search for information about specific topics on Google. Then they click on one of your pages and read what you have written about those topics. To make sure that happens, use your site as a way to build trust and authority in your industry by providing detailed information that helps customers do things like learn how to use their new smartphone and where to find an excellent recipe for an upcoming holiday party or whether it makes more sense financially to buy or lease a car. If people like what they see on your site, they’re likely to turn into repeat visitors and even customers.

A robust content marketing strategy will bring organic visitors to your blog, which might turn into paying customers.

If you don’t already have a blog for your business, it might be the right time to start a blog to get into content marketing.

3. Infographics

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate more data visualizations into your site’s content, infographics may be a good solution.

An infographic is a graphical representation of data or knowledge used to present complex information quickly and clearly. It can be used in many industries and does not have a predefined purpose like web content or reports.

With an infographic, you may be able to explain a process more efficiently, showcase your product or service, or connect with customers on an emotional level. Infographics can be created by professional graphic designers or even with free software such as Canva, Piktochart, and or other graphical design tools. They are great for presenting trends or ideas that would be hard to explain otherwise.

To Instantly create a stunning infographic for your website, head over to infographic creator like Visme and select any template and start editing the same.

Infographics are popular because they’re easier than reading lengthy reports or text-heavy content.

4. Videos

Videos are one of the most engaging forms of content on the web in the 2020s, and they can be particularly effective at adding a human touch to your business. Create a series of videos based on your product or service that walk potential customers through how it works, why they need it, and what problems it solves. You’ll have an easier time entertainingly reaching audiences by getting creative with video formats. For example, if you make ties for men, try creating a stop-motion video that shows various styles being created by hand.

Whether you create your explainer video or simply embed relevant YouTube clips, adding some visuals can help boost engagement by improving site stickiness and increasing dwell time.

You can shoot simple videos using a camera or smartphone or even create simple explainer videos with video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, etc.

5. Podcasts

You’ve heard podcasting referred to as radio on demand, and plenty of people use it that way. But whether you create a show for your existing customers or position it as an education piece for potential leads, a podcast allows you to develop a personal relationship with your customers. It shows them that you have something worth sharing with them and allows for great conversations down the road.

One survey found that 75% of listeners feel more engaged with brands after learning about their podcasts, which means much better brand loyalty—something every entrepreneur wants!

6. Slideshows

A slide show is a series of images with clickable hotspots that lead users on a journey. The slides are easy on viewers’ eyes, especially if they are scanning for info, and you can add some text where appropriate. Slideshows can be used in many ways, like highlighting products or services or educating readers about your industry.

Slide shows work best when there’s a specific story you want to tell, and they also work well when you want people to see multiple pieces of information. For example, if there are five features or benefits of using your product or service, you could create separate slides for each one and link them together so readers can move through them at their own pace.

Wrapping up

To run a successful business website, you need different types of content: entertaining, informational, persuasive, interactive, and product-based. Offer something for everyone by providing it all. Visitors will keep coming back if they know you’ll give them fresh content that’s unique and valuable. 

If you do your job right, visitors won’t notice that your site is just one big sales pitch, and isn’t that what every business wants?